Amir E. BozorgMagham


Postdoctoral Research Associate                                                                 2014 - present
​​PhD Engineering Science and Mechanics                                                   2009 - 2014

  • ​​Analyzed statistical causal relationship and built predictive statistical models using a variety of methods (Granger causality, convergent cross mapping, Simplex and multivariate embedding) on high-dimensional, real--world noisy data sets, such as meteorological variables and spore release of a plant pathogens.
  • ​Developed a practical method for identifying leading element in a multivariate chaotic system with strong and time--varying internal feedback using noisy time--series.
  • Identified the dominant element of climate cycles using 800,000 years real--world data from south pole ice cores.
  • Quantified and visualized Ocean--Atmosphere statistical information transfer using 30 million multidimensional rows of data from NOAA.
  • Developed a method for estimating minimum size of spatially extended observations for ensemble--prediction in synchronized systems.
  • Proposed the concept of local finite time Lyapunov exponent and optimal sampling of geophysical flows.
  • Simulated agent--based networks based on statistical models of social behavior of bats and investigated emerging patterns, for example spread of diseases and population dynamics.
  • Experimented escape from potential wells in a 2D mechanical system and identified phase--space escape regions applying the concept of tube dynamics for the first time.
  • Identified atmospheric transport patterns from operational NOAA wind data and studied their applications to aerobiology of spores and plant pathogens.
  • ​Quantified uncertainties of particles trajectories caused by unresolved turbulence using Monte Carlo method with more than 10^9 realizations.
  • Mass-produced multiple input files for parallel computations and extracted relevant input/output data through the use of command-line scripts.

Norahan Sanaye Co, NBB Group, Tehran, IR                                             2003 - 2009
Senior engineer, rotary equipment

  • Performed hydraulic calculation for piping networks of cooling systems of combined cycle power plants using Flowmaster and Excel (5000+ lines of code).
  • Prepared technical documentation, purchase orders and inspection notes for rotary equipment (variety of pumps, fans, blowers) in Yazd and Damavand power plants and Ilam petrochemical complex using the API standards (1000+ pages).
  • Performed finite element stress analysis of power plant direct contact condensers.
  • Led a team of 8 engineers in a fast--paced, deadline driven environment, resulting in an on--schedule delivery of technical calculations and purchase orders.
  • Performed inspection and test on purchased rotary equipment.​

Lian Co., Tehran, IR                                                                                        2002 - 2003
Engineer, power transmission and mechanical systems

  • Designed control system for anti--sway gantry cranes to minimize loading/unloading process of containers to/from container ships.
  • Exploit real--world measured data to identify mechanical characteristic (moment of inertia tensors) of robotic arms.

Karayan Co., Tehran, IR                                                                                2000 - 2002
Engineer, power transmission and mechanical systems

  • Designed and built a variety of special backlash-free gearboxes for robotic joints.
  • Programmed multiple degree of freedom (2-6 DOF) robotic joints for trajectory control.